Airports Authority of India

Mission :  ''To achieve highest standards of safety and quality in air traffic services and airport management by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for total customer satisfaction, contributing to economic growth and prosperity of the nation.''                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Vision :  ''To be a world-class organization providing leadership in air traffic services and airport management & making India a major hub in Asia Pacific region by 2016''.
Eastern Region Head Quarter
Airport Director - Shri Rajendra Pal
Address Airports Authority of India

NSCBI Airport, Kolkata - 700052
Telephone 033-25119977 (O)
Fax 033-25117534


Airport is operational for 24hrs. Operations include Passenger Facilitations, Fire Services at Airports and Management of Terminal Building and Air side operations.


  • Regulate movement with the objective of preventing collisions between aircraft and obstacles.
  • Regulate entry of aircraft into, and co-ordinate exit of aircraft from the apron with the Aerodrome Control Tower.
  • Ensure safe and expeditious movement of vehicles and appropriate regulation of other activities.
  • Parking stands allocation for arriving aircraft.
  • Bird Hazard control management.
  • Frequent inspection of runways, taxiways, perimeter wall fencing.
  • Coordination with ATC.
  • Security & engineering liaison.
  • Emergency response.
  • Coordination with airport regulatory authorities.
  • Follow-Me guidance service to VVIP/VIP aircraft and private aircraft & vehicles.
  • Dissemination of weather warning reports to concerned agencies.
  • Monitor works in ops area to ensure that required standards of safety are maintained as laid down by Ops circulars, Station Orders and Annex-14.
  • Deployment of GFS equipment in coordination with MT workshop.
  • Grass, bush & shrub control in the ops area to the level of 6-8"
  • Issue of Airfield driving permit after training & testing.
  • Runway friction level testing.
  • Coordinate for issue of NOTAM.



  • Liaison with Civil & Electrical maintenance departments.
  • Take preventive measures for reducing bird strike hazard.  
  • Carry out periodical inspection of Fire Station to ensure operational efficiency
  • Ensure that the fire staff carries out monthly hot fire drill and daily drills.
  • In the event of aircraft emergency, exercise overall control till Airport Director arrives.
  • Ensure smooth passage of VVIP/VIP through the Airport.  
  • Maintain close liaison with Airport Security, Dept. of Air safety, Air worthiness, State Protocol  & other authorities.
  • Ensure control of administrative functions of Ground & flight safety department.
  • Overseeing the different activities of Medical Unit for providing better health care to traveling public.
  • Responsible for maintaining & issue of AAI Hqrs. Circulars & procedures.
  • Ensure maintenance of operational perimeter wall and security.
  • Maintain up to date and execute contingency plan for various emergencies.


  1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
A/C Mvts (in No.s) 26822 28497 28781 30413 34206
PAX (in Million) 2.49 2.57 2.65 2.61 2.74
CARGO (MT) 47836 53607 53557 55088 58857


Land Area : 1641 Acres
Length of perimeter Wall : 14 Kms
Length of perimeter Road : 15 Kms
Latitude : 22° 39' 11.03" N
Longitude : 88° 26' 57.25"E
Airfield Elevation : 5 mtrs. (16.5 ft)
Temperature : 34.5°
Magnetic variation : 01°  W
Runways : 19L / 01R
  : 3627 X 46 mtrs.  

19R / 01L

399 X 46 mtrs
Taxiways  : Alpha -  23 Mtrs
  : Bravo - 23 Mtrs
  : Charlie -23 Mtrs
  : Delta -  46 Mtrs

Echo  -

15.5 Mtrs
  : Foxtrot - 23 Mtrs
  : Golf - 23 Mtrs
Approach Light Category :  


19L / 01 R

Simple Approach

19R / 01 L
Navigational Aids : NDB, DVOR, DME, ILS, ASR & MSSR


Airport Fire Service is provided at NSCBI Airport to ensure safety of passengers and the aircraft by professionally trained staff of AAI. The fire staffs are not only trained on fire fighting but also on administration of preliminary first-aids. AAI uses Crash Fire Tenders of up-to-date technology of International standards. AAI is also in close coordination with   the City Fire Brigade by using hot lines. AAI also has ambulances for sick passengers and emergency needs. The   category of Fire Services at NSCBI Airport is VIII.




  • Management of all commercial revenue contracts.  
  • All space allotments in the airport area.
  • Insurance of AAI assets.
  • Allotment of residential quarters.
  • Recommendation of passes to concessionaires / agencies / airlines.  
  • Creation of new commercial proposals in airport.  
  • Employees welfare-cum-commercial facilities in colony.
  • To manage all Revenue contracts.  
  • All Expenditure contracts.
  • Insurance of assets of airports authority.  
  • Release of tender advertisements to press.
  • Space allotments to various airlines / agencies
  • Allotment of Residential Quarters to employees.  
  • Allotment of staff canteen.  
  • To manage ground handling functions.  
  • Administrative work.  
  • To recommend PICs to Airlines / Agencies / Concessionaires/ Ground Handling agencies.

Planned Commercial Activity/under implementation :

Revival of restaurant at ITB, Cyber Café, ATM, Money Exchange Counter and Hotel Reservation Counter at ITB.  


The maintenance and operation of civil, electrical and mechanical systems/services are carried out through dedicated Engineering set up. The following services /facilities are maintained by Civil / Electrical Maintenance Division.

  • Maintenance of terminal building  
  • Maintenance of operational area including RWY / TWY  and Apron.  
  • Air-conditioning, Escalators, Lifts, Aerobridge, Conveyor Belts etc.
  • Various engineering project are also undertaken to upgrade the facility.

3.1 CARGO: The Int'l air cargo terminal at Kolkata Airport was the first air cargo terminal in the country, which was commissioned on 5th October, 1975.  The total area of air cargo terminal is 9993 sqm. and its annual holding capacity including transshipment is 37,120Mt.  There are two parking stands exclusively for freighter aircrafts, which can accommodate up to B-737 type of aircraft.    This airport shares 5 % in Int'l cargo and 14 % in domestic cargo among Int'l airports.  Average daily cargo movements from this airport is 86 mt. in domestic and 74 mt. in Int'l sectors.  

  • Major air cargo carrier - Lufthansa Cargo (Freighter) - shares 22 % in export cargo and 40 % in import cargo.  
  • Major export items - Leather and leather goods, textiles and garments.
  • Major import items - Machineries parts and electrical items.  


  • Safe secured and speedy movement of International Cargo.
  • Creation and maintenance of infrastructure to ensure smooth cargo operations.
  • Optimization of Cargo revenues Via-a-Via the services provided.
  • Encouraging Exports by providing suitable facilities.
  • Round the clock operations for uninterrupted services.  



  • DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER (CARGO) being the HOD responsible with Duty Manager Export/Import;  
  • To ensure efficient and smooth handling of cargo.  
  • To assist APD on all policy matter related to the functioning of cargo complex.
  • To project infrastructural requirements and suggest allocation in capital budget.
  • To co-ordinate and monitor all section of cargo dept like export, import etc.,
  • To co-ordinate with various agencies and trade bodies to ensure smooth function of cargo complex.
  • To assist/recommend/decide about request for waiver of demurage charges.
  • To plan and recommend training requirements of all officials.
  • To recommend on leasing of space to various agencies at air cargo complex.
  • To co ordinate and interact with other departments of AAI.
  • To lay down procedures for smooth functioning of air cargo complex.
  • To co-ordinate and interact with other departments of AAI.
  • To arrange/attend various meeting and take follow up action on the decisions.
  • To coordinate for implementation of policy directives/decisions of CHQ.
  • To attend to written communications and files and take action.
  • To provide input for Management Review.
  • To recommend contract for auctioneer/valuer for disposal of uncleared cargo.


Airports Authority of India laid out a plan for constructing Integrated Cargo Complex (PHASE -I) at Kolkata Airport for providing better facilities to the users (EXPORTERS & IMPORTERS) of air cargo complex. The total cost allocated for the proposed Integrated Cargo complex is Rs 50 Crores with the following modern facilities.  

  • 3 Level stacker systems to the height of 11 meters of 82 slots for storage of pallets and containers.  
  • Elevated Transfer Vehicle (ETV) in the Export bounded area.  
  • Automatic Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) in the Import bounded area.
  • Office space for accommodating the regulatory agencies.  

3.2      ESTATES:

Estates matter are dealt with Land Management.


Total area of NSCBI Airport is 1641 acre. Heavy Commercial Potential is in existence and lot of demands for opening of hotels, petrol pumps and private retiring room are coming up. Wherever land is encroached, action is being taken for removal of unauthorized structures.  


  • Paved Land maintained by AAI.  
  • Paved land maintained  by Licence.
  • Basic Land (Barren land)
  • Collection of all land record from local bodies & update the same.
  • Protection of AAI land form encroachment  
  • All land allotments.  
  • Management of all commercial revenue contracts.
  • Recommendation of pass to concessionaires/ agencies/ airlines.  
  • Review of commercial utilities of land.  
  • Creation of new commercial proposals in airport.  
  • Employees welfare-cum-commercial facilities in colony land.
  • Municipal tax assessment & payment there of to Municipal Authorities.  
  • Constant liaison with local bodies to remove encroachments with the assistance from local security.  
  • Overall supervision of all the work done in department of Land Management  
  • Review & process of Government dues.  
  • Constant liaison between government agencies to secure AAI land form encroachment.
  • To identify land for potential commercial utility within the frame work of AAI Act.  
  • To process the land case as directed by AAI Hqrs., New Delhi.  
  • To report to Airport Director on development of land cases.  
  • To liaison between finance and clients for realization of dues, etc.


Passenger facilities provided at NSCBI Airport are furnished below.

Free Paid
Ceremonial Lounge Money Exchange
Reserved Lounge Duty Free Shops
Executive Lounge Mobile Phone on hire
Arrival & Departure Lounge STD/ISD/PCO
CCTV / Flight Information Post Office
LED Moving Display Pre paid Taxi
Baggage Trolleys Car Rental
Medical / First Aid Room Left Luggage
Tourist Information Retiring Rooms
Entertainment TV T R Stall
Telephone in Security Hold Handicraft Shops
Wheel Chair for disabled passenger Restaurants
Child Care Facility Snack Bar
Meet & Greet Place Tea /  Coffee Vending Machines
BSNL Information Center Soft Drink Vending Machines
  Railway Reservation 
  Hotel Reservation
  Automated Teller Machine



Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) had been inducted at NSCBI Airport. Access Control, Anti-Hijacking checks and Perimeter Security are vested with CISF. Perimeter security wall with concertina fencing is available. Perimeter lightings have been provided. All security measures as recommended by BCAS are being followed at NSCBI Airport.  


Total no. of employees at NSCBI Airport is 1358. The details are as follows :

Operations: 408
Engineering: 352
P &A : 24
Finance: 39
CISF : 726

3.7 Industrial Relations: 

Industrial Relations at NSCBI Airport is cordial. Airport Authority Employees Union (AAEU) is the recognized union.

3.8 Vigilance:

A designated officer is posted at NSCBI Airport to look after complaints pertaining to corruption and malpractices among officials at the Airport.

3.9 Social Welfare :

Kalyanmayee, the AAI Women Welfare Organisation is active in the fields of social welfare, adult literacy programme, child health care activities etc. is providing various facilities for residents and children of employees in AAI Colony such as New School, Play ground for children, Shopping centre, poly clinic etc.  

4.0  Airline Operators:

The details of the airlines operating, alongwith  their contact number are furnished below;  

Name of Airlines


Contact No.


Airport Manager

2511 9685

Indian Airlines

Regional Executive Director

2211 6953

Alliance Air

Airport Manager

2511 8864

Biman Bangladesh

Station Manager

2511 9662  
2511 8787 extn 4207, 4208

British Airways

Station Manager

2511 8262

Royal Jordanian

Station Manager

2511 9069

Singapore Airlines

Station Manager

2511 9179

Thai Airways

Station Manager

2511 8189

Royal Brunei

Station Manager

2229 7105  
2229 7112

Druk Air

Station Manager

2511 9976  


Station Manager

2511 8528  
2511 0857

Blue Dart

Sr. Station Manager

2511 9591


Cargo Operations Manager

2247 1777  
2287 1089

Jet Airways

Regional Airport Manager

2511 9760

Air Sahara

Station Manager

2511 8442

4.1  Recent Significant Development at NSCBI Airport :

  • IS/ISO 9001:2000 certification for NSCBI Airport.
  • State of the art two air-conditioned Aerobridges have been added at NSCBI Airport. Now the aerobridge position is Dom Terminal - 3 ; Int'l Terminal - 1
  • Three imported coloured X-Ray machines with latest technology are added. Dom Terminal - 2 ; Int'l Terminal
  • New Escalator in International Departure Building have been commissioned
  • Third Security Hold area has been added in Dom Terminal Building.
  • Renovated Int'l Departure Reserved Lounge.
  • 06 Nos. of aircraft parking stand has been commissioned.
  • CISF has been inducted at NSCBI Airport not only to strengthen Airport Security but also to achieve uniform security implementation

4.2  Performance at a glance :

A graph showing the growth in the last 05 years for

4.3   Contact Address :

Airport Director  
Airports Authority of India
NSCBI Airport, Kolkata- 700 052.  
Telephone No.033 2511 9977 (O)  
 033 2511 7534 (Fax)